"Learn to Build A Winner"

This book, "Learn to Build A Winner", is the most complete textbook on Pinewood Derby Car performance design and construction available. (I think that was true at the time the book was first published. Since then, Dr. Jobe's hardcover book has been printed. Lots of good stuff in there, and probably worth the $75 (in 2007) asking price!)

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This section of my site is a part of an extensive Scouting and Pinewood Derby Site. There is more original Pinewood Derby information which I offer for all to view freely. It is indexed from Pope's Pinewood Pages Portal.

The following material is presented on the "honor system", rather like "shareware", except that I derive no direct or indirect monetary benefit.

About This Book

This book is published in this venue for three reasons:

A Scout is Trustworthy

I have committed all proceeds from this book to The W.D. Boyce Council, BSA. The Council would receive about $10 from the sale of each book. If, after reading a few pages (or more), you think that I am wrong about the value of the information, put the book back on the shelf... no questions asked.

If, on the other hand, you and your son will benefit, then please, mail a check or just a $10 bill to

W.D. Boyce Council, BSA
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Please enclose a note saying that this is your "donation for Wotamalo District FOS". Then, read on, secure in the knowledge that you are setting an example that would make your son proud.

If you would prefer to save the bother of writing a check, addressing an envelope, licking a stamp, etc, the Council Service Center invites you to call, toll-free, to charge your donation to your Visa or Master Card:

W.D. Boyce Council, BSA
"Donation for Wotamalo District FOS"

Of course, after you and your son achieve results beyond your wildest expectations, please feel free to send a few more $$!

Because of the nature of "The Web," folks may stumble into the middle of the book, rather than coming in through the front door. So forgive me if I enclose a small "nag" at the top of each web page.

Do you have questions (about Pinewood Derby Race Car Design) that this book doesn't answer? If so, please feel free to make use of the mailbox icon that appears at the bottom of almost every page to E-Mail that question to me. I'll give you the best answer that I can, as well as giving you my best estimate of my confidence in my answer. (How can you pass up an offer like that?)

Lets go "Learn to Build a Winner." (Start Here!)

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